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BSFA is in the Middle of it All!

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Big South Fork Airpark is located 50 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee, and is centrally located to many local attractions and activities. We chose this location due to the proximity to the 125,000-acre Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and all the exciting adventures nearby.

Our residents can tour the local historic attractions or drive into one of our region’s small towns for a quick lunch, and even grab a room at a local bed and breakfast and make a multi-day trip out of it. But if you are wanting to stay close to home there is everything you ever need in the local town of Oneida, TN, making everyday life at the airpark a breeze!

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Blog: Top 10 Reasons to Choose to Fly into Scott County Airport at BSFA!

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Choosing an Airpark is a HUGE decision, and at BSFA we are honored to have so many people tour and explore our beloved development. Big South Fork Airpark’s developer, Bill Armstrong, credits the success to the proximity to Big South Fork River and Recreation Area and the level of safety and professionalism offered by the attached FBO and runway. “We are a little different than the other airparks across the country. We are fortunate to be attached to a public state funded airport, and our residents have 24 hour access to a lighted and paved 5,500 ft runway with 3 instrument approaches, brand new FBO, 24/7 fuel and onsite maintenance. Our residents all enjoy IFR flying and rank safety as their number 1 priority.” There are so many reasons to enjoy flying into BSFA, we had our pilots list their top ten!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose to Fly into Scott County Airport at BSFA!
1). All approaches are greeted by a lighted 5,500 ft. runway
2). 2 GPS WAAS approaches and 1 VOR
3). Instrument approaches with minimums of 250 feet
4). Scott County Municipal Airport (SCX), and new county owned FBO. Our residents enjoy using the FBO’s full service fueling (100LL and Jet A at competitive pricing), hangar space, tie-down parking, weather information, transportation and more.
5). Taxiway Lots: Our 91,404 square foot taxiway opens the door on true Airpark living. Aviation enthusiasts have the exclusive opportunity to live in a custom home with their plane and hangar on the taxiway. Only 7 taxiway lots remain!
6). Fly Home 24/7: Our residents have the convenience of being able to fly in when it works best for them!
7). Onsite Maintenance and Aircraft Management Companies, Big South Fork Aero and ATS Tennessee. All aircraft needs can be meet from the convenience of your backyard!
8). Big South Fork Airpark has 2 hangar types for purchase – Executive (60’ wide, 55’ long, and 16’ high) and “T” hangers (41.5′ wide, 36′ long and 12′ high)
9). In 2017 the Runway at Scott County Airport underwent a  complete resealed and re-striped.
10). LOCATION!!! BSFA central’s location makes it easy to hop in the plane take a day trip to Atlanta (169.3 nautical miles), Chicago, IL (365.4 nautical miles), Pittsburgh, PA (316.7 nautical miles), Cincinnati, OH (159.1 nautical miles) or spend the day exploring close to home with Knoxville, TN (48.2 nautical miles) and the development being adjacent to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

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Fall Foliage Season is Here and BSFA has a Front Row Seat!

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Due to the popularity of the season most weekends are filling up fast for October / Early November, but we have availability during the week for those that can’t wait to start their adventure!!  Contact us today with your travel plans and we will do our best to accommodate everyone!

Fall in Tennessee is beautiful with maples, oaks and other hardwood trees transforming the view into a kaleidoscope of color. Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area lies along the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River along the Tennessee-Kentucky border. More than 170 miles of hiking trails cross the cliffs, rock shelters, gorges and waterfalls in the park. Take a hike, ATV ride or ride a train to experience the beautiful leaves and scenery.